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Cart-Away is Celebrating 25 Years in Business!

Bruce Christensen
Bruce ChristensenPresident
Sarah Christensen
Sarah ChristensenChief Administrative Officer
Jay Elkins
Jay ElkinsParts and Inventory
Monte Pardee
Monte PardeePurchasing/Document Control
Tom Vail
Tom VailCart-Away Guru
Tom Lake
Tom LakeProduct Assembly
Scotty Crist
Scotty CristProduct & Sales Manager
Shannon Reilly
Shannon ReillyHead of Government & International Sales
Emma Prendergast
Emma PrendergastReceptionist/Marketing Assistant

Our Manufacturing Began Over 50 Years Ago.

In September 1966, Betsy and George McClintock opened a metal fabrication business in San Jose, California. Eight short years later, George McClintock passed away and Betsy took over the business and hired Tom Vail to the team that year. Tom was eager to learn the business and in 1977, he and his wife Marion became minority owners of McClintock Metal.

In 1990, McClintock Metal moved to Woodland, California, near Sacramento and in 1993, bought the assets of Cart-Away Concrete Systems. At the time, Cart-Away Concrete’s principal competitor, U-cart, employed several recognized industry experts; Scott Crist, Bruce Christensen, and Monte Pardee, each joined the Cart-Away Concrete team because they believed that McClintock Metal was in a better position to dominate the trailered ready-mix market.

Tom and Marion bought the remainder of McClintock Metal from Betsy McClintock Welsh in 2003 and began transitioning the business to Oregon. In early 2004, the assets of the Cart-Away Concrete product line were sold by McClintock Metal to the new Oregon Corporation, Cart-Away Concrete Systems, Inc. Later in 2004, all four families moved to the McMinnville, Oregon area and began working at the newly formed corporation on September 16, 2004.

In 2016, Bruce and Sarah Christensen purchased the business from Tom and Marion Vail and took Cart-Away to the next level, by first acquiring the U-cart brand to combine the two mainstream identities for the trailered ready-mix market. Bruce began his career as the Sales Manager of U-cart and joined Cart-Away in 2000 to head sales and marketing. He now owns and manages both leading industry brands with over 25 years of experience and a team of experts that have been with him from the beginning.

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