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A 1-yard Concrete Mixer – Short load Solution Nationwide

Over 400 short load locations with 1-yard mixers

1-yard concrete mixer locationsOnce a year or so we revise our Cart-Away 1-yard mixer location map. This year we surpassed the 400 location mark for North America. This suggests that a growing number of businesses are finding the Cart-Away concrete self delivery system as a very profitable way to increase business. Selling small loads of concrete returns the highest profit margins within the ready-mixed concrete market. The international ready-mixed concrete market was estimated at $491.61 billion in 2018 and is expected to hit $766.63 billion by 2026. Because of the very high demand for concrete, the number of 1-yard self delivery trailers is now in the thousands. Each of these 1-yard to 3-yard delivery units are moving short loads of concrete in communities almost everywhere.

Transit Mix Trucks, Volumetric Trucks and Bags

Small loads of concrete represent a significant volume of concrete every day. Getting small quantities delivered is expensive when using traditional trucking methods. Short-load fees from $100 to $400 are not uncommon when less than a truckload is ordered. This is why pulling a trailer-load of concrete is such a popular option.

There are some who try to eliminate the truck delivery charges by using bags of premix concrete from the Home Center. This is an expensive option and requires a strong back to produce anywhere near a cubic yard of concrete. The Cart-Away trailer reduces costs and saves the labor of mixing concrete.

Start a Cart-Away Ready Mix Business

There are still hundreds of locations around the country that need this service.  A recent nationwide survey found that 48% of contractors believe that the need for small loads of concrete will grow over the next five years. And that 33% of these contractors find that they need a small load or clean-up load of concrete on half of their jobs. With such high demand and strong profits there are opportunities everywhere for starting a Cart-Away business of your own.

The COVID close-down has greatly increased the demand for small projects and Cart-Away locations are selling more than ever.  This ready-mixed niche has been around for over 30-years and through many economic downturns.  Cart-Away self delivery has proven to succeed in both good times and in bad.

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