Producing quality concrete ready-mix requires a properly designed mixer.

This is particularly critical when it comes to the Tilt-to-Dump mixers. Cart-Away invented the mid-sized Tilt-to-Dump mixers over 25-years ago and is the world leader in this technology.

Please pay attention to the following 5 things as you make plans to use a Tilt-to-Dump:

Proper Cone Design – The tilt-to-dump drum must be designed with an extended end-cone so that you can control the concrete flow out of the mixer. The extra length in the cone is like adding a spout on a paint can. You can have wet concrete flow out of the drum under controlled or all at once. A short cone length reduces the control that you will have during the discharge process and will cause radical differences in your concrete outflow.

Aggressive Mixing Paddles – Examine the interior or ask for a picture of the interior of the drum before you invest. Pay attention to the large paddles in the mixing area. In a tilt-to-dump mixer it is critical to have aggressive “honeycomb” paddles to speed the blending process and ensure a better quality of ready-mix. These paddles should be extra-large. Caution – If there are big voids within the mixing area there will be areas of reduced concrete blending. These voids impact the quality of the mix when it tilts down to dispense.

Added Spiral Fins – Quality Tilt-to-Dump mixers use a Honeycomb-paddle and spiral-fin combination to create the best of both worlds. During blending you need the aggressive mixing action, but during discharge you want to be able to gently screw the material out of the cone. Spiral fins move the wet concrete to the end of the cone as the drum rotates. These fins also make it easier to completely screw out the concrete residue during wash-out. A tilted drum uses 20% less water to maintain a clean drum than a non-tilting mixer drum.

Direct Drive System – The hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox needs to be mounted directly to the end of the drum. When the drum tilts the drive-mechanism moves in unison with the drum. There are no sprockets and chains that can skip off the sprockets while dumping heavy loads of concrete. Hydraulic direct drive is what is used on every modern ready-mixed concrete truck.

Quick Adjusting Tow-height – This is a critical requirement for any Tilt-to-Dump mixer that is on wheels. A variable adjusting crank allows the mixer to track down the road safely no matter what the height of the tow vehicle. Easy adjusting cranks quickly moves from loaded towing to empty towing in a few seconds. If you cannot easily make adjustments you will run the risk of roll-over with an empty mixer at freeway speeds.

When you shop for a Tilt-to-Dump concrete mixer remember these five critical features. These will ensure that you make quality concrete for years to come. Your safety and success in concrete are important to us. Let us demonstrate the value of Cart-Away mixers.

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